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Peachtree Gully's new resources have been available to Australian schools since January 2016. They have proven to be very popular in NSW schools.

It's great for teachers to be able to easily download quality resources but why do we make these resources available free of charge? Whilst teachers may freely download our resources for educational purposes at any time, all schools must participate in the Australian Federal Government's educational copying scheme (statutory licence) which is managed by the Copyright Agency Ltd (CAL). They are responsible for making sure that the creators of educational content are fairly compensated. Please check out our copyright page and the Copyright Agency's website

Our main resource designer earned his credentials during a rich and varied career. He started as a high school music teacher but later spent many years as a special needs teacher at three different schools. During this time he realised the need for certain types of resources which were in short supply so, of necessity, he began developing resources himself specifically for the classes of children with autism in his care. The kids loved them and the parents were very impressed when watching the enthusiastic performances of their children. It was evident that these resources were not only useful for children with special needs but also ideal for children in the mainstream.

He was also a teacher of brass instruments to young school students and a school band director. He developed many of his music resources at this time. He has toured the world as a professional musician with a highly respected musical ensemble. He wrote and arranged many of the pieces they played and recorded. He led the group when they presented workshops and music clinics with school children throughout Australia and New Zealand.

By 2016 he was ready to produce these resources in a more polished and professional format. We have published them and other new resources and have now made them available to Australian schools.

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